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Transshipment of dangerous cargo

Daltransvzryv performs transshipment of 1 - 5 classes of dangerous goods. We have a railway dead end for loading and unloading of dangerous cargo and a warehouse for its storage with the maximum permitted storage capacity of over 1,000 tons. The relevant permits and licenses for the railway deadlock and warehouse are available.

Drilling and blasting

- Explosive loosening of rocks at delves;
- Collapsing buildings and structures;
- Felling of concrete and brick chimneys;
- Crushing foundations in workshops and on construction sites;
- Excavation of trenches in the rocks for engineering networks and gas pipelines;
- Dredging;
- Lay-out of the earth's surface.
- Loosening of rocks at quarries;
- Blasting for extraction of dimension stone

The quality of our work and compliance with terms are guaranteed by long-term experience in this field.

Our company performs blasting at quarries of all types, construction and re-equipment of enterprises, including complex urban environments (collapsing buildings, pipes, crushing foundations of all kinds of hardness).


Daltransvzryv Joint Stock Company was founded in the process of reorganization of Transvzryvprom Open Joint Stock Company subdivision (Specialized department № 84) and has been operating in the drilling and blasting market as an independent legal entity since 2000.
Our company performs the whole complex of preparation and blasting works: development of project documentation with an independent examination of industrial safety, delivery of explosive materials to the site, drilling holes, covering a blast site and blasting itself.
At dismantling and explosive demolition of buildings, structures, pipes, crushing foundations in tight conditions, we apply technological solutions to minimize the harmful effects of the explosion on the environment, building, technological equipment, allowing us to work within existing industrial facilities and communications, near residential buildings.
Qualified engineers and technicians of our company will promptly prepare the technical documentation, materials and trained personnel for carrying out of works in the entire territory of the Russian Federation.


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